Making Tutorials in Native Language for Safex Software

Please make video tutorials in your native language for the following subjects:

Ideally break down in to separate parts and Description label of each part and what it covers:

  1. How to set up a Safex Blockchain Node
  2. How to set up the Safex CLI Wallet
  3. How to solo CPU mine
  4. How to solo GPU mine
  5. How to mine to the pool from CPU
  6. How to mine to the pool from GPU

You can see

^^ for examples of safex software usage tutorials

This round of tutorial bounties is closed; Thank you everyone who participated; it has been very fruitful :kiwi_fruit:

Stats will be posted up; Please feel free to still post up a tutorial in your native language or if think you cover information no one has presented so far!

Stay tuned, more tutorial bounties will be in the future; except for future software releases :slight_smile:

  • Place your address in the description

  • Must have a full proper description in native language

  • Must have full proper title in native language

  • Subtitles doesn’t count, you have to do a new authentic video of the process of setting up the software and using it. It should be clear and understandable.

  • When you have made your video upload to your personal youtube, and put the link on this thread, and put your language in the post.

**We will rule out duplicates and only the timestamped first one is valid; we have the right not to pay for any reason; We will award no more than 2 videos per language (feel free to make yours if you feel its better anyway but it wont receive any reward from this bounty); If you make the video and there it is not hearable or valid in process, it will not receive any reward; You must post here to be considered for the bounty; if your post is after someone else’s they may receive reward even if their video timestamp is after you; terms are subject to change at any time without notice; this bounty may be cancelled without notice at any time

Again, you must post your link to this forum; particularly this thread.

All in one guides (Node, Wallet, Solo Mine)
Eddie995it - Italian - (Compile, Wallet CLI, Solo Mine)
Mex - German - (Compile, Wallet CLI, Solo Mine)
Eddie995it - Russian - (Download, Wallet CLI, Solo Mine)

Mining Guides
Mex - German - (Pool Mining)
Eddie966it - Italian - (Pool Mining)
Mex - Portuguese - (Pool Mining)
Kururu32 - Spanish - (Node Solo Mine)
Kururu32 - Spanish - (Pool Mining)
Mex - Korean - (Pool Mining)
Eddie995it - Russian - (Solo Stratum Mining)
Eddie995it - Russian - (Pool Mining)
Max - Bisayan - (Pool Mining)

Node Guides
ghis001 - French - (Download + Run Node)
CrazyHenry2 - Norwegian - (Download + Run Node)
Mex - Bisayan - (Download + Run Node)

Wallet Guides
Mex - Portuguese - (Offline Address Generate Guide)
Mex - Korean - (Offline Address Generate Guide)
Mex - Bisayan - (Offline Address Generate Guide)


Is there an English video for the following subjects? I can do all except the following subjects.

How to solo CPU mine
How to solo GPU min


Maybe we can come up with main points and ideas that should be covered. It can be posted here. What do you think?

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I think once the new GUI wallet has been released, the length of the videos can be reduced drasically. For exmaple, the video i did on the subject was 35 mins long (albeit i do ramble a bit) but can be condenced if the process of having to set up a node for an address is cut out.

Then the whole tutorial could be around 10-15mins max, making it much easier for translated editions.

I think we have a few comittments already:

  • Henry is doing Norwegian
  • Eddie is doing Italian
  • My wife will do Swedish (she doesnt know yet… but she will)

This should be an ongoing process; so even as we release new software we will update the bounties.

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I can do Farsi. Also, I need help to setup “solo” GPU or CPU mine. Any reference?


for solo mining as soon as you have a node set up

in the same terminal window you type in

start_mining <your address> <# of threads>

for solo GPU mining you need to set up the stratum software
Here is the exact details:

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Here is the video tutorial in italian, on how to mine, use the wallet and set up a node, 3 in 1 on ubuntu 18 examples both in compiled and pre compiled. Enjoy


post your address to get the bounty you should post it in the description of the video

Nice going @eddie995it :sunrise:

Small note; to future videos, ideally break down in to separate parts and Description label of each part and what it covers

Will do it thank you for the tip

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I made a German Video how to Mine on a pool via Windows.

Recording it was fun, but cutting was a pain :smile:


Thank you @Mex nice going :clap: 3k Safex in your wallet.


Spanish soon


number 2 in German.

How to create a Node and how to Solo mine under (X)Ubuntu


One made in french on how set up a SAFEX blockchain node…


nice one @ghis001 please add more description and title :slight_smile: How to gpu and cpu mining via pool on windows 10

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Tutorial en espanol, para aser mining usando Ubunto 18 en una maquina virtual, tambien para aser un nodo y la creacion de un nuevo wallet


Found someone on my campus who made some Videos in Portuguese…

one for creating a Safex Wallet:

And one for Pool Mining:



Epic, all bounties sent; Amazing work team :sunrise: