Many Missed the Migration, so

Dear @dandabek and @aussiesloth,

I know, Ive been through the forum…390 days + 2 day extension…should have paid better attention, etc. It is not necessary for you to repeat that again. I would like to know, though, why you will not consider running the migration again?

If it is not technologically possible, then just say so and we will all have to move on.

It seems, however, that you just do not want to.

Well, if so, why not then? Is it too much work? Do you think it will negatively affect the project or value of SFX and SFT? Are you just upset we did not pay better attention?

Instead of spending the time arguing that we should have known better or properly followed the directions in time, why not create some goodwill and run the migration script again?

Some of your investors missed the migration despite the announcements and one year window. Many people stopped paying attention to crypto after the late '17/early '18 bubble. I did not, and I still missed the migration news as there was not much going on with Safex in terms of the average end user.

Along with many posts in this forum, there is this current Reddit thread.
Many people missed the migration including myself. We did not do it on purpose. We just stopped paying attention for awhile. I do not believe we should lose our investment because of that.

What do you think?



Agreed 100% with this.
Why is it so impossible to let people who actually still hold SAFEX migrate? Yea we know now. Had a full year. Well I was away from crypto for a full year (more actually) and this is the only crypto investment of my entire portfolio that has the audacity to blame me for being away after the great tank of 2018. If it weren’t for us early investors there’d be no migration to have. Yet all we get is a “too bad”. Cmon. Don’t you see the optics of this? That’s not a proper way to accommodate your investors.
It’s not entitlement when we’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars/euros/other fiat to prop you up in the beginning only to be told to take a hike now. Let us at least migrate to not have flushed our entire investments in SAFEX down the drain along with our belief in the vision.

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The main points are in your reply. Safex was being built already whether you bought safe exchange coin or not. Your purchase of the token did not financially empower the development bottom line at all.

The cost to maintain the migration is immense, so we are technologically incapable of continuing to do the migration. No one is being told to take a hike, every single week for more than a year and pre announcements before that were taking place.

On the other hand, since prices are tanking and your choice to not keep up with the project, or actually help us (remember your token purchase did not help us directly in any way) then where do we find the capacity to KEEP investing in YOUR holding tokens.

Early support does not only mean directly financial. Early token sales also went towards giving the project visibility and buzz. Without the early influx of interest in the project and the large amount of financial investment from token holders at the get-go your project would potentially have been being built to the sound of crickets.

Again, we say, we know there were announcements made. This has been well established. But people shouldn’t be punished and/or scolded for not “helping” you for merely being away. “Technologically incapable”? That does not instill a ton of faith.

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Whoever missed the migration can only blame himself and it is entirely his and only his fault. There is one and probably the most important rule in crypto which is “Do Your Own Research”. If you guys would do it, then you would know that Safe Exchange Coin was only a placeholder token temporarily on Bitcoin blockchain and that it will be migrated at some point to Safex own blockchain (called Chille blockchain back then). Having that knowledge you would be aware to keep track of the development so that you wouldn’t miss that migration. But clearly you didn’t do enough research or simply you didn’t care and “stopped paying attention”. Well, development moved on since then and you weren’t following. Don’t blame team for not waiting for you to start paying attention again.

That’s all I wanted to know. Thanks for responding. That said, Im with @cryptoscro in that it does not inspire me as to re-investing in your project.

I do not really understand the the attitude in this forum/community. If you look at the Tezos community, for example, lots of people lost/forgot their passphrase or seeds since the ICO. Yup, totally stupid. Instead of scolding them though, there is a large group of people helping them to try recover their funds with no other motivation than to just being helpful. Why the aggressive attitude here?


Where in my post did I blame the team? I just asked them if they would consider re-opening the migration if it was possible.

I got to know that my SAFEX invest is dead, only becouse some of people started to use discord channel. I subscribe yt channel, im on discord, I have interested in this invest in early 2017, Didnt sell it when price go x7. This is insane for me to think that my invest is gone. I understand that this make cost for you to keep migration proces living, but I think that if u have more than 10 people saying to you that they didnt make the migration you should pay attention for them.
I have an idea. Please make migration process for one last day possible, lets make a noise about this, that will let know all the people which belived in your project that they have ONE LAST chance to change their coins. If youy will have any costs connected with this, show us how are the costs and I think we can gather and pay them. SAFEX was one of the biggest invest in my crypto portfolio and I cant imagine that I wont have my idea paid.
1 day guys.
Please think about it.
I dont want to attack you in any way, but it looks like you dont care about the people, you care only about your project, but you must remember that those people which has invested firstly, was promoting your project ! They helped you ! Another thing is that it shits on yours PR ;/ this situation isnt healthy to both of us.
Please guys, consider this.

Wow. What can I say?? I think a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say…


Wow, and ? I knew about migration from the beginig, but noone said that if I dont do this it will be impossible ! You now want me to feel guilty. But there is nothing to be guilty for. Just open migration for one day and thats it. If there would be only me then i would understand it. But there is plenty of people

If you knew about it then why didn’t you migrate? Makes no sense…

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The problem with one last exception is, that there is never a last one.
You knew of the migration and even that it ends in November 2019.

If Dan makes an exception for you and a couple others now in a couple of weeks there will be the next group of people wanting an exception.

How to argue not to give them when we gave it ti you?

At the end it means a lot of resources and time spent for people with to little interest in safex to stay up to date instead of marketplace development.

It’s the best for all to keep developing and put resources where they belong.

If you buy the same amount of safex you lost now and it goes 10x you still won 5x which is great.

If development slows down because of all the delayed migrations it might not live up to its potential.

In short: If you really believe in safex you’ll understand that it’s best not to reopen migration and that you missed the migration but that safex is at a great price to rebuy.

If you don’t believe in safex just go you’re way and don’t slow it down, your lost investment will not ruin your life, I don’t believe you put your life savings into safex and then stopped following development.

And if you put all your money into safex and stopped following anyhow you’re probably a fool and the experience might teach you a little understanding, this life lesson is better learned when you have to feel the consequences - and is probably more worth than all money you ever had :wink:


The problem with the migration is that safex team should from the begining empasize that all that bought safex will have to be up to date. Every coin is showing that is telling that is a “new bitcoin” just to gain attention from investors. I know its a token, but I my opinion good crypto project should not EVER ignore investors that bought it at the begining. Migration should be done whenever it is needed just “for request” (even it was officialy said it will be done lets say 2 times per year for those who missed it). Whatever you say for this - such approach would and should be made by the investor-respecting team. Alternatively it whould be said that if you buy the project you have to stay focused on it because its not long term investment and you can loose all your money if you are not alert. So in conclusion… I think that leaving your early investors is a short-seeing way to expand serious businees /coin/ project… it is a mistake. Despite that wish You all best and more friendly non-cash mood :-)!


Exactly…why not give it to them too? The post below yours makes a good point.

Why not run the migration for a week every few months for people to claim the tokens they paid for??

If the team could run it for a year, surely it wouldn’t be that hard to run it for a short period at regular intervals. The year migration period is just an arbitrary time period…who says that it is enough? The fact that this thread has stayed on top of the forum maybe says otherwise.




Seems to me this “immense” cost should have been baked in to the business model from the start. This dismissal of, not to mention an apparent disdain for, early supporters who missed the arbitrary year long window along with a refusal to accommodate them is extremely telling and should be worrying to those who continue to support this project. And this banding together of community members to belittle and dismiss the ones who missed the migration is also a bit off-putting.

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No offense at all, yet there are always two sides to every story. This has always been a grassroots community project without fancy budgets. Again, your purchase of safex token did not affect in any way the bottom line of resources we’ve had to work with.

Keeping the migration open for a whole year (it could have been a few months)

We’ve sent emails every two weeks, we wrote about it nearly every week on the forums. We talked about it on chat rooms in twitter.

:man_shrugging: it’s more worrying about you than Safex or anything going here.

If you cared at all about what’s going on here, and had a clue what you’re talking about you wouldn’t be in the position you are currently. Your approach to the matter is also not just a bit but thoroughly off-putting.

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Just stopping by, another one who missed the swap. I read through this thread and on reddit.

Its a shame the team took a path like this.

I am usually more careful with my investments, but I really trusted this project and the team back then, I would never imagine they would pull such a di** move… I would expect something like this from a shady scam. At least I learned once again to never trust any “team” in crypto. Only trust in bitcoin and the hashrate :smiley:

Good luck with your project. I will really stop following now. And if anyone asks me about this I will only tell bad things, sorry. There is no good reason to not keep the swap going indefinitely, you could do it for one day every year, manually or whatever, the person that wants to swap pays the extra cost…etc. But like other people already said, this team obviously does not care about the people. Shame…

Bye bye

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