Mc Afee wallet withdrawals

Hi Community,
I have set up the Mc Afee one click miner wallet and have also imported my safex private keys so i can withdraw safex tokens and safex cash to the Coindeal exchange. I can only withdraw 1000 safex tokens at a time, when I try to withdraw more a message pops up telling me ( can’t create transactions not enough out puts for specified ring size=8,found outputs to use=6 please sweep unavailable out puts). Can some kindly explain what this means and if i can withdraw more than 1000 tokens at one time.
Kinds Regards.


Hi Glassonion,
well, problem is technical, and it is not addressed in the first version in the miner wallet. To keep your privacy, your every input in transaction that is spent is combined with other inputs in the ring signature, so that by looking at transaction nobody could tell who is the sender (ring size=8, so eight possible senders and one of them is real sender, you). There were not enough token transactions with such high outputs since the network is young. Solution today is to use command line wallet to perform sweep unmixable or lower mixin within transaction, or to wait couple of days because we are just preparing first release of our new Safex GUI Wallet, and in the window for transaction preparation there is a field to specify mixin different from default (for example, you can put 0 and your transaction will be certainly created, but your use of tokens will be deanonimyzed). All mentioned is the case where you are sending money (creating transaction) to CoinDeal or some other person.

If you want to pull tokens from CoinDeal to your wallet, and they have the same problem (can’t create transactions not enough outputs) and they can not create transaction, you have to contact their support to explain the problem. Soon, as the network matures with more token transactions in blockchain history, this problem will cease to exist.


Thanks Markoatana,I understand now and I look forward to the new Safex GUI wallet being released . Again thanks for explaining to me, that must have been a lot of work preparing
the reply to me.Thanks.


Hi Markoatana,
has the safex GUI wallet been released yet.
Regards Glass onion.

Hi glassonion,

not yet, last week we did internal beta testing, there are couple of more tweaks we should do. It should be soon, but I can not say the date. You can track progress/commits here, and release will pop up here.



Hi Markoatana, has the new wallet been released yet as I can no longer withdraw safex tokens from the McAfee one click mining wallet. If it has been released is there a video with instructions. Thanks for the help you are freely giving to me.

Not yet. Sorry for the delay, but we are still polishing wallet history and improving on feedback we got from testing phase. In order not to wait any longer, I recommend that you use command line wallet to manage your tokens:

  1. Download safex-wallet-cli file for your operation system from here
  2. Open command line terminal, and navigate to the folder where you have downloaded wallet file
  3. To open new wallet file with your address and private keys (which you can retrieve in Miner) type (I am using Linux so my safex command line wallet is safex-wallet-cli-linux):

./safex-wallet-cli-linux --daemon-host --generate-from-keys <my_wallet_file_name>

Replace <my_wallet_file_name> with some personal file name like mywallet or similar

  1. Copy and paste to terminal first your address, and then secret spend key and finally secret view key you retrieved from Mc Afee miner (hit enter after every input)

  2. Enter new password for wallet file (and enter)

  3. Hit enter to sync from beginning of blockchain

  4. After some time, wallet will sync and you will be in the wallet command line console. Type help for wallet menu options:

[wallet Safex5]: help

  1. To check your balance, use command account

  2. To send tokens from your address to some other address with lowest mixin, type (and of course replace <target_address> and <token_amount> with real data, and follow further instructions in terminal):

[wallet Safex5]: transfer_token 1 <target_address> <whole_number_token_amount>

To exit command line wallet, type exit

To open wallet file you have created first time by providing keys, navigate to the folder where your command line wallet binary and wallet file are, and type

safex-wallet-cli-linux --daemon-host --wallet-file <my_wallet_file_name>

Hope this helps

Hi Markoatana, thanks so much for your help and for giving me instructions on how to set up
command line wallet. Very kind of you to take the time to help me.
Regards .