Migrated Coins not showing Up in Mcafee App [RESOLVED]


I have migrated my safex and saved the keys etc… then downloaded the Mcafee miner app and opened using the keys from the migration but my coins will not show up when i go to check balance… I figured it would take some time but it has been over a week… any thoughts of why they are not showing up?


The script for the migration has to be run by hand from daniel.
If your migration was before the 16. of Mai it should be migrated - if it was after the date it could be that you might wait another month. there is not that much migration happening anymore and running the script every week takes precious time from the development of the marketplace.

If your migration was before the 16. of Mai you might rescan the blockchain (there is a litte button for that on the McAfee Miner App, somethimes it shows up afterwards.

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Thank you Mex for the reply.

I migrated on the 17th which is fine i was just wondering where they were.