Migrated coins on which wallet?

I just went through the migration process. Which wallet should I now use to control my coins? When I got my new wallet address I got a private view key and private spend key. Is that all that I will need to access my coins? Because I don’t seem to have just a private key.


Yes, sir.

You should also save your Address so you can always be able to know which is which

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Okay I entered both of them into the import line on the wallet and it didn’t work. I’m sure I need to update wallet to the new blockchain but I don’t want to do something wrong. By the way the one click miner is really incredible. It looks and works amazing! Thank you

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I have the same issue. @dandabek, what is up?

The current v0.0.7 wallet doesnt allow you to import directly to the wallet" only in the migration process:

“My Address”