Migration completed and still no SFT [RESOLVED]

Hi, I’ve done migration at 14:30, everything step by step as in the tutorial. It’s 17:00 now and the Migration Table still doesn’t show up on my address.
In the history section, there are 16/16 safex confirmations and 16 bitcoin confirmations.
I also downloaded safexcashwallet and logged in. There are 0 SFT and Safex Cash, also pending is 0.
What’s going on? I’ve done everything correctly, according to tutorial. The amount of bitcoin I used for migration was accurate.

This sometimes happens. Don’t worry. The table sometimes takes longer to update.

The airdrop is happening AFTER 7:00PM CEST, Serbian Time. As of writing this, it has not been run yet.

@dandabek will most likely Tweet about it when he has started running the script. https://twitter.com/dandabek

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