Migration completed, safex burnt. but no migration coins arrived

hello i completed the migration last week and have still not received my coins.
can someone assist me with what has gone wrong?

Copy paste your old address as text and I’ll have a look at the block explorer and see what you actually did.

it is the same for me, several days have passed and still nothing has come, help me?

So the Migration Table is still empty? If so, copy paste your old address also.

everything is ok I waited a few days. I have another question, can I download the iPhone wallet?

There is no Safex wallet for iPhone (yet).

hi aussiesloth
this is my old wallet address

You attempted to set the second half before the first half txn had been confirmed on the BTC blockchain… therefore the wallet moved ahead, but the txn didn’t occur.

You need to follow the reset process as outlined in https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vnsScmYH-7e6nu3VPi6ApWuspFOKlMgP/view

If you aren’t able to interpret the BTC block explorer, then leave AT LEAST a 1 hour gap between setting the two halves.

Hello Aussie,

How long should I wait before I see my migrated safex? I just did the migration and it says 0 migrated balance, would you be able to check it for me? My old address is

so my migrated tokens has finally appeared on my migration wallet, do I have to send these to Orbiter? I just downloaded orbiter but my tokens did not appear there.

If the Migration Table populated, you did it right.

Now Dan will run his Migration Script against your burn and the coins will arrive in the new wallet address.

He’s doing batches daily for the rest of the month, so import your new address into Orbiter, and your coins will appear after Dan next runs his script.

i set the first half last night 2019-11-26 21:56:45
now i just set the second half just now

That looks perfect now, @dandoon

Allow up to 4-ish hours for the Migration Table to populate.