Migration completed, safex burnt. but no migration table showing

Dear support,
I had started a migration with 2 addresses on the wallet, but still waiting to see the Migration Table on the first one - shows Migrated Balance = 0. ( I did waited for about 40min before finishing previous step)

1 Address: 1DDhyrkDZwKMYA1cUPipgAnT5GUyMHKkaj

For the second one - yesterday it gave an error that there’s something unfinished & need to wait… now when I input the SAFEX - it writes by default the wrong/previous amount from first address.

1.Should I restart the 1 migration?
2.Should I wait for 1st migration to finish? or should I start it in another PC/wallet?


Based on the block explorer information, you didn’t wait 40 minutes between steps, as the Setting of the first half and the burn of Safex are on the same block confirmation, meaning all three steps were done in quick succession.

You need to Reset, and if you can’t read the block explorer info, then wait AT LEAST 1 hour between Steps 3 & 4. Wait half a day even. You can only ruin it by going to fast.

If the Migration Table hasn’t populated on the second one, then you likely made the same mistake and will need to reset.

But close the wallet, reboot the PC, open wallet and check neither migration table has populated before you proceed with reset.

thanks aussiesloth
I’ve cancelled both, then
migrated only 1 address, slowly, with a 4 hours delay for each step - and it completed successfully.
Now doing second, slowly, got an “error of incorrect amount of safex” at step 4, and did a close the wallet thing and after reopening it allowed to continue… waiting this to finish & populate the migration table :slight_smile:

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