Migration done, had to redo laptop, now can't see it


I did my migration a few months ago and had to reinstall my Windows 10 laptop a few days ago. I downloaded the wallet and logged into it and I can only see the old Safex addresses with zero balance. How do I see the new blockchain addresses and Safex Cash balances that I had seen back when I did the migration? I also tried to do the import at the beginning of the wallet but given there were two passwords apparently I do not know one of the 2 passwords because I only have the original wallet password. At the time of migration I noted all the new public and private keys but I do not see these. Help please.




During the early stages of the migration, you will have been given several private and public keys to write down or back up:

Public Spend Key
Private Spend Key
Public View Key
Private View Key

And a long public address that typically starts with Safex5 or Safex6.

Also the wallet will have asked you to save a .txt file with these details on.

Do you still have these keys or the .txt file as this will be your gateway to the new blockchain.

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I figured it out. There is a new wallet I didn’t know about. I installed that, input all the keys I saved during the migration and all is well now. Thanks.