MIgration - final step

Hello, why the “Final Step - Burning your Safe Exchange Coins” doesn’t work ? After clicking OK, nothing happens. And in “pending safex” is still 0 . Please help what to do.

Did you type in how many Safex you want to burn?

Yes of course, I put there all my old safe exchange coins. And naturally I have there more satoshis then nessesary. Previous steps went without problems.

I have the same experience as Marek the final step of burning the coins does not seem to do anything.

I’m guessing you’ve only got BTC dust (lots of tiny pieces of BTC from many different actual coins) remaining (or a significant part thereof) and Dan has prevented migration txns using dust.

Welcome back. The Final Step process finally started after three days of trials. The transaction fee was slightly lower than in the previous days (although then also the amount of satoshi in my account was sufficient, but not much exceeded the required amount - maybe that was the case). Today, it was 9,000 satoshi more than the amount required and the process started. However, after the firing of the old Safeks, the new ones did not appear immediately. How much it cost me nerves, because everywhere there were all zeros. And old and new - everywhere 0. But it’s been an hour, I entered History, I returned to Migrate again and Tokens and Cash showed up. Also, the process finally resisted and now we are waiting for TuDeMun. :slight_smile:

It looks like it is working now for me, I get a pending balance. I had about 500k satoshi on the address so that shouldn’t of been the problem.
Possibly you need a certain amount of confirmations for the first steps before you can burn the safex.

I am having the same problem. I click ok after it explains how many sfx and safex cash I’ll have and then nothing happens. Though I have just about the exact amount of btc needed for the burn. I will try to add more and see if this makes it go through. Any other ideas?

It will be a BTC issue… add more, and then after you finish Migration, you can withdraw any surplus BTC remaining, if you want.

And don’t send just a little bit extra of BTC dust to the wallet… it’ll only make the txn fee increase… add a 200k sats chunk, so it all goes smoothly.

In process of trying that. I’ll let you know how it works out.

It worked. I added 15k sats to it and it did the trick. Thanks for confirming and thanks to @Marek for the original post.

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