Migration Issue of Safex v0.0.7 coins to new Orbiter

Hi there, I have followed the steps in the Migration video and although it shows (16/16) confirmations, I cannot see anything in the migration table or any SAFEX in the Migrated Balance.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you.

This issue should be resolved by now

If you can copy that old Safex address into here in text format, I can check you set both halves correctly during the Steps process.

Thanks for the help.
The old address from my V0.0.7 Wallet is 1255qqCWX7LFFzXVneQD1nbZoGJaV4YTgy

Please let me know if you need anything else.

I’m not sure what exactly you did while following the Migration video, but you failed to set BOTH halves and have simply done a burn.

You are definitely NOT okay to leave it like that.

@dandabek :man_shrugging: I’d say Reset, but I don’t know what would be reset. Doesn’t look like anything got set in the first place. Maybe just click the Migrate button and… start?

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Yes if you run a reset, the safex keys will receive the balance of the burn transaction.

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TBH, I don’t recall doing anything odd/different to the video. So, I’m at a loss.

So, if I reset I should get my Safex coins back? If that is the case, how long will that take? Anything else I would need to do or be aware of?

Again thank you.

You have burnt your old coins. They do not come back (Blockchain doesn’t work like that).

Now you just need to Reset and get both halves set properly so your burn can get picked up and processed when Dan runs his Migration Script.

Ok, so I have reset and set both halves again. So hopefully this will go through. Many Thanks.

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Excellent! Yes, BTC block explorer looks right.

Check your Migration Table populates within about 4 hrs, as a confirmation for yourself.

Thanks for the great help on this forum, it’s very much appreciated.

I re-checked on my old wallet (after 8 hours plus) but my Migration Table still isn’t showing anything.

As long as BTC block explorer looks right then it should come through on the next batch run. So fingers crossed.

@dandabek Migration Table script running?

Migration Table updating has an issue that is being worked on.

But Dan has confirmed your burn is registering against the new Blockchain address you set.

Great news. Thank you for the quick responses. I understand these things happen. Good luck with fixing the issue. :+1:

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Hi Dan. Is there a way to view my Secret Spend and Secret View keys again in the 0.0.7 wallet? I can see the balance of my tokens and cash but do not see a way to import them into the new wallet without the spend and view keys.

Just wanted to report back that my coins have finally migrated successfully to the new Orbiter wallet. Thank you all involve for helping me get this resolved. It’s a great community and great project. I wish all the very best going forward.:grinning::+1:


You can export unecrypted and in side there are all the keys and including the safex keys

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