Migration problem

Hello friends :slight_smile:

I need your help :pray:
I dont know till when i need to make a migration but i have a lot of safex to migrate. Last year i stored them on my wallet and hold them till today. I wanted to make a migration with Dan youtube movie :slight_smile: and i have stoped on error/info that i dont have enaugh BTC as a fee, ok what i have read is that on my old safex adress i need to send some BTC, ok this, i can make it.
But other problem is that im not synchronised with blockchain. Please im begging you help me, i dont know what to do :pray:

With regards, Lukas

Hello @Podhaj.

Not synchronised with the blockchain often means your computer is struggling to connect to the remote Safex node (obviously).

A number of factors can cause this:

  • Your ISP or router is blocking the port specific to the Safex node (port 3001)
  • You have some kind of firewall that doesn’t have port 3001 open or is blocking the node URL (omni.safex.io:3001)
  • Certain countries (such as Russia) have blocked all access to “Digital Ocean” servers. I believe our node may be on a DO server.

A good way to test is to install a VPN (there are number of free ones you can use) and then load the wallet. This should then allow you to sync correctly.

Let me know how you get on.


Hi Richard. Thank you for your replay, for you help. So im allready synchronised. Thank you :slight_smile:

Now on my old SAFEX adress 1J91cG…and so on i need to send BTC? I have only 1638 Satoshi’s and have an info: “Either you do not have enough Bitcoins to complete the transaction or the connection to the Bitcion Blockchain is interrupted”. So i assume that when im sinchronised than its about BTC fee wright?

With regards

Podhajski Lukas.

Definitely a lack of BTC for migration.

When migration commenced last year, it was relatively cheap to migrate (12k - 16k sats in total).

However, the BTC transaction fee costs have increased significantly with the BTC rally.

It is now my suggestion that you send 250k sats as a single chunk, and you may end up with a small amount remaining after you finish the three txns.

Do not rush through the steps… be very patient and allow each txn to be confirmed on the BTC Blockchain before proceeding.

Hi everyone

I have made a migration, whole 3 steps, with Dan on youtube.
All was ok, but after burning im waiting almost 3 hours and nothing appeard in migration table.
What is going on? some have the same situation?
Please help me, im scared wright now :frowning:

Im sorry they have allready arrived :slight_smile:

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