Migration problema

Hello. I write in a little dispair reading that there was a migration I suppose to do but unfortunately I didn’t. I bought safex in 2017 even before this crazy bullrun, wrote down my private keys and told myself I will hodl for few years just to support and believe that if I didn’t check it every day like I used to do it at the begining, I will benefit later. Today when new crypto run starts and I check everything, I see that it was migration going on and its to late to migrate and my private keys can be put into trash… Please help with this, I have 130k safex coin on wallet…don’t abandon early suporter with this problem…its nobody’s fault to think that private keys is all You need to have :frowning:

You bought tokens for a project, as opposed to a simple crypto “currency”. Any time you buy project tokens, you need to stay updated on project development, to ensure that any launch of a Mainnet doesn’t leave you behind.

It has happened to me in other projects, simply because I failed to stay current on those projects.

Unfortunately, in this instance, as of the end of 2 December 2019 your old Safex are now dead, so far as the project is concerned.

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