Migration problems

I have questions… I want to migrate 10 SAFEX for test, but it tells me 0 BTC necesasry for process and nothing is going on… look

It also shows this ( of course all the time it shows 0 BTC that are necessary):

Can you help me please?


You need some small amount of bitcoin (value of 1 dollar will be more than enough) to have on that adress.
As you know Safe exchange coin is on bitcoin exchange which means you need to pay for (burning) transaction and migration in bitcoins. :muscle:

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First of all, ensure the wallet is sync’d with the network. See bottom right corner: image

If connected to the Bitcoin network, it will then check what the average transaction fee is and set accordingly. Like below.



your error here is likely network connectivity; and most likely that you have some balance but hardly at all enough balance and the app bugged out when fetching the data.

You should have about 2$ of bitcoins to fully complete the migration process


Thanks you are right. I loaded it up to 1,5$ and it went through… now I have questions. How the addresses works? With new safex tokes can we send them to old address wallet which holds safex coins? Also once it’s burned and converted will we get new address or we will still use old BTC address?

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You will use the new address in next version of wallet will be a new page for using safex tokens and safex cash

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