Migration table blank after migration

Hi guys

Ran the migration as per the video instructions. Definitely waited for all pending Safex to clear before starting second half. All seems like it went okay, except I don’t have anything under the migration table.
See below screenshot.
Had a look on Omni Explorer and it ‘looks’ like all my coins successfully were sent to the burn address…But I also don’t know what exactly I’m looking for.

Could a very kind person please take a peak at this and let me know if everything’s all good and I just have to wait? It’s been over 24 hours, but a couple videos I watched said 45 min, then the other said a few hours wait.

Existing Safex address: 1DEW3gJmPg4yjtSDPfKGVwKiXd16c7YaPu
Target migration address: Safex61CMh3FKW5Lb8ZQghGEmJx9UxXSa39SPVaDdQ4Y9jVpmekyQ3mBmevvEaoeZx8chTUExwcdRet1GfPtKKKCHkp1g9B1W7i2b
Burn address: 1SAFEXg6ah1JqixuYUnEyKetC4hJhztoz


It looks right.

There’s currently an issue with the script that populates the Migration Table, so at present, it will not update.

Dan is scheduled to run his Migration Script against the current batch of burns later today, so you should have your new SFT and SFX on your new Blockchain address once he’s completed this batch.

Import your new address into the Orbiter wallet to see them.

Hi mate,

Thanks for getting back to me and checking this out.

I’ve now installed the new Orbiter wallet and done my address import, but have 0 balance.

Did that migration script run? Or should I be waiting until another date to check?


Migration script running was deferred until 30 October, as per today’s weekly update advice.

Dan just ran the script… check again.

It’s all in there now, under pending cash/tokens! Awesome!

I’m guessing there’s a period before they move from pending to available for use?

Thanks Mr. Sloth and Dan. Great support.

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Correct. (I don’t know the exact number of blocks before they leave pending, sorry. But not long)

Mate if you’re ever in Brisbane I would definitely shout you a beer.
Thanks again for your help.

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My old stomping ground, before I moved to Tassie. :beers:

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