Migration table ok, but no balance in new wallet

on 25.11. I’ve done the migration from OmniWallet (address: 17E4f2RVn8BgZvvDdf324SkT7mf7W1xTwZ), the migration table was populated, but no balance changes on new address (imported private keys into Oribter wallet, address: Safex61BuDuPEoSNcgBsYMEzzH1ggdFMF2nfCs1ME8xcauSEtqkbyL5QhWPNbC2GndRTxZYgp2GHh86uW4QS2T41XLodTkNm5wQ4v).
I’ve checked on the explorer, the first two steps are done in enough time apart, i.e. in two different blocks (block height: 605395 and 605397). The final step was done after ~40 min.
Has the migration script been running in the last two days? Or have I done something wrong?
Thank you for the support.

Your migration transactions look fine… allow 4 hours for the Migration Table to populate.

Dan is scheduled to run his Migration Script against outstanding burns on a daily basis for the remainder of the month, so your coins should appear in Orbiter within 24 hrs (but he may miss a day, so don’t panic if that’s the case.)