Migration table populated but no wallet balance shown?

Looks like everything migrated correctly – Migration Table populated, Migrated Balance shows the correct balance. But it can only be seen inside of the Migrate section of the wallet. The Home section doesn’t show any info about the new migrated balance. Is there anything else I have to do? Or should I leave it as it is? Thank you.

Migration wallet is only old blockchain… install the v2 orbiter wallet or wait for the v9 Sails wallet release

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I have migrated yesterday but still no SFX/SFT in my wallet. How long is going to take to receive them?!

Very Likely within the next 24hrs… Dan has indicated he’ll be running his Migration Script each day until the end of the month

I undestand. Okay, I’ll wait then. Thank you for your fast reply!

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Thank you @aussiesloth. So I don’t have to do it now before the deadline, correct? Can do after the new wallet is released? I just did the process described in the migration video until the Migration Table got populated, that’s it.

That is fine. :ok_hand:

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