Migration Table shows balance but not showing up in the wallet?

Sorry for flooding the question section with the same type of questions.
I followed these instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKTIA1AHn0w but I had Safex Wallet 0.07. :grimacing: The Migration Table shows my balances but I’m not seeing anything in the Safex Cash Orbiter Wallet v2.0.0. Here’s my old address 1HfhvT3qsvUU3Pi34eNSrwm7g7W4YdyX2p
and new address Safex5zGxP2e8TuNza1f2uTgQ8FrzDiCq55SiKB3RRMu9mog5Nh36qBACsxUKB6SaWdCFroMGx7pR2LwehxSnYvqJmcALfnoRLQ3B
Does it just take a minute to show up? I waited for the pending BTC to hit 0 before sending each half.

The Migration Table populated, so you did it correctly.

If you migrated more that 48hrs AGI, they should be in your new address by now. If that is the case, go to Settings - Keys&Seed - Rescan

If you migrated in the last couple of days, you need to wait for Dan to run the Migration Script against your burn.

Thanks aussiesloth for your support. I rescanned but still don’t see them.
I was worried that I sent the 1st half and 2nd half too soon because I saw in other replies to this same issue, you said 40 minutes is required between each step? I didn’t wait that long because, after about 10 minutes, the Pending BTC hit 0. I never got any warnings of unconfirmed transactions.
Its been probably 14 hours since the process?
Sorry, I know things are crazy right now. Here are some pics of what I see.

Your migration table populated, so you did everything correctly.

You are now waiting for Dan to run his Migration Script against your burn and the new coins will then be seen in Orbiter.

You’ve been burning the midnight oil.
Thank you for your support! :+1:

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Almost across the finish line :sweat_smile:

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