migration table shows nothing

Hello, i did my migration almost more than 20 hrs ago, and my migration table still shows nothing.
can anybody tell me if this is normal, i have seen a lot of people having problems, but everywhere the migration table at least shows anything,…
mine shows still nothing! pls help, thx

The only people who have problems are the impatient ones.

Using the BTC block explorer (not Omni explorer) have a look at your address… there should be 3 outgoing txs on the day you did your setting of the two halves and then the burn.

My guess: there will only be 2 txs, meaning you rushed into setting the second half too quickly and the setting of the first half hadn’t completed.

If so, you need to hit the Reset button on that migration and set the two halves again (use the BTC block explorer to check the tx is completed and a handful of confirmations are done before you set the second half).

Once the two halves are successfully set, then within a few hours your previous burn will be picked up by Dan’s Migration Table Script and the Migration Table will populate.

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thanks for your help, you have been right, i only had 2 txs, so i did what u say, did the first step and waited for confirmations…
after waiting 4hours and 30 confirmations i tried to do the second, it shows me: error broadcasting transaction Error: Transaction has no inputs… whats now?

That will be either insufficient BTC or a pile of BTC dust (lots of small pieces from a larger number of different coins). Dan added code to prevent dust txs.

Send more BTC to the old wallet address… Dan has previously recommended at least 100k sats sent as a single tx, but that was back when tx fees were much lower than what seems to be an average tx fee now. I would recommend sending 200k sats as a single

You can always withdraw any remaining BTC once you’ve finished your migration burn/s.

thank you so much for your help, now i have the 3txs in the blockchain,
my last btc at the last station is pending now, so i hope i did everything right now…
i will wait now and hope the amount of the new coins will soon shown up!

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Excellent! Let us know how it goes :+1:

wohoooo, its already shown up…

It’s amazing how fast that works… hahaaaa :smiley:

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