Migration to SFT


Is there a way to know when a migration script is ran or to be sure on how many days it is running ? The thing is that I don’t have an idea did I maybe made a mistake by doing migration because I don’t know when script will be ran. What I can do is just checking my SFT/SFX address. And also can’t get info on Discord channel since it is closed for new members…

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Hello there,

The discord should not be closed for new members, maybe you need an invitation link?
The script is run by Dan every few weeks. One possibility would be to follow the SFT supply real time at explore.safex.io/api/totalsft
If the SFT supply increased then you know the script was executed and new SFT were created.

Thanks for reply. Link would be nice.Tnx in advance

Ok, discord invitations seem to be temporarily unavailable. You can still check the migration progress using the link above.

Is there any reason why migration script is run that rare ? Every few weeks is really rare.

Because Dan is doing this manually and the number of people migrating currently is quite low. So he probably waits until a few millions more for migration are gathered.

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Dan, Could you show a detailed schedule with migration dates from the 0.7 to 1.0 wallet . Thx