Minimum spend $720 to get safex?

Coin Gekko prices 5000 Safex at $92.5.
The minimum buy is 5000 coins which costs $720.
What is going on? Can I buy it cheaper anywhere?

Just sit back for a few weeks and the prices will get situated. There is a lot of transition going on now and you won’t miss out.

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I found out I can buy on for the market price. I’ve never heard of a coin dictating its own price. It’s a worrying sign Safex Team

As you said the coin is available on an exchange so not sure how the price is being dictated. A more worrying sign is the fact you were trying to invest in a coin that you didn’t even know was available on an exchange. Perhaps do more research.

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Here was Dan’s explanation of the pricing from a few months back. Addressing Price of Safex on the Website

Now i’m on tradesatoshi, I still can’t buy/trade Safex with my Bitcoin and I really want to buy some more Safex this week. Ive held some for ages, but now their office is open, I think Safex it going to be developed into something tangible and once people see it, the price will skyrocket.

Why can’t you buy Safex on TS? Just buy at market price. At the moment it’s around 200 sats.

I finally did manage to buy safex on Tradesatoshi yesterday, although the process was clumsey. I came back today to buy more but the currency is under maintenance. I took a screen shot but im scared Ill loose my investment now. Tradesatoshi have a notorious reputation for losing tokens while maintenance is carried out. Im not sure wether to try and move it into my safex wallet now, or should I wait until the maintenance is finished???

It took my last round I purchased on TS about 16 hours to withdraw because on Manitenance on the wallet.

Just buy them on TS and don’t withdraw until Maintenance is finisj ed and Status on TS is at OK.

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TS does not have reputation of losing tokens. Im not sure where you getting this fake info. I have traded millions of SAFEX without a single problem on TS. Also, how can you withdraw when wallet is in maintenance? You need to wait for ok status.


I dont want to say negative things that arent true, but I had seen a few bad posts on Google. Im going to put my faith in Tradesatoshi if I dont lose anything after maintenance. Then Im puting my entire portfolio into safex because I think its the best bet. From here to 2020!!!

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My Xrp is so low right now! Ill hold on bit till it gets some news in. Its a great coin, but i think the gains in three year span is Safex.
Maybe half that, Who knows?!?

Xrp is not even crypto. Their total supply is just thrown out number.

It has the power to change the world. That’s what I see as a good investment. It’s also the same reason that I’m shifting everything to safex. I think it’s a winner, and I believe Dan is going to do us proud.



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