Mining on USB Drive

Hi Guys,

I have a laptop that is windows 10, i need to keep the OS. Has anyone tried to USB boot into the one click miner via usb and use it for mining before?


So long as your Laptop Bios is configured to look at the USB slots before your HDD, then it should indeed boot from the SFXOS USB.

However, you need to be cognisant of the cooling limitations of laptops, compared to desktops or open mining rig setups.


let me try it. hopefully i can get it up and running!

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should work just fine, although you may need another computer to configure it

i follow this link, just got one thing…

How do we connect to the OS via wifi instead of cable?

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got another question… besides connecting to the WIFI,

my unit has 4 cores when i run htop. I only see 2 used at 100%… how do i enable the remaining via the config?

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The RandomSFX mining algorithm depends on the L3 cache: it occupies 2mb of L3 cache for each core.

If you check your CPU and how much L3 cache it has you will discover if you are able to utilize more than the 2 cores to mine SFX.

You can check how much cache you have using the command: lscpu | grep "cache" on Ubuntu command line and will give you the result, then check the L3 cache and you will have your answer as to how many cores you’ll be able to mine with.


on my L3 i got 4096k, so meaning i can run on 2 cores only…

Looks like my lappy maxed out. Thanks a bunch!


Oh… to add on… if you want to connect your wifi to your router. Run these commands:

  1. To check wifi list: nmcli d wifi list
  2. To connect to it: nmcli -a d wifi connect "ssid"

thanks so much for your help dan!