Missing SFT

I haven’t logged into my wallet in a while. I did do the migration though so that’s not the problem. I see my SFX balance in the wallet but my SFT balance shows zero. When I look at my transaction history I show a transaction on November 18th 2020 transferring all my SFT out. What happened here? I don’t know what info is safe to share so just let me know what you need to look at this. Thanks.

You can show your transaction history. The only likely thing that happened is someone had to send them using your wallet. Did anyone else have access to your wallet?

Are you certain they were sent out? Did anyone else have access to your computer, your backup of private keys?

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No one else has access to my keys or knows my password. Here is my transaction history

If nobody else has access to your keys/seed, then the only way the SFT were sent is if you sent them, either intentionally or accidentally (you didn’t get drunk or high, etc?), or you left your wallet open on the PC and someone else accessed it.