Moving Safex Tokens from TWM Wallet to XCalibra Exchange

Hi Guys,

I am currently having trouble moving my SFT Tokens from my TWM Wallet to xcalibra where I am hoping to swap the SFT tokens to another. I have copied the destination address to send the tokens to and hit send from the TWM Wallet, and it even said that the “transfer was successful”, however still no tokens in the destination address. I am also still seeing the SFT tokens still in my wallet.

Is this normal? Or does it usually take longer for the coins to transfer? Or is there an issue with the wallet not being able to send coins at the moment?

Appreciate the assistance.

Got enough SFX to cover the tx fee? (Current wallet version doesn’t detect 0 SFX available for tx fee, and gives appearance of all okay to proceed, but then obviously fails without the necessary SFX.)


Thanks for your reply. I did have a play around yesterday and entered a much lower amount, but still to no success.

I have tried sending just before as another test, but got the message below (please see snapshot below). Any idea what is happening? Have refreshed, and the balance is still not zero.

Wondering how long it usually takes to move tokens to a wallet?

You are trying to move Safex Tokens (SFT) but you need Safex Cash (SFX) to pay the transaction fee for any transaction on the Safex blockchain.

Do you have SFX in your wallet?

Additionally, I just noticed you’re using the SFX simple send field to try and send SFT.

That won’t work.

You need to use the SFT simple send field under the Token tab, not the Home tab.

Thanks Aussiesloth,

I do not have any SafexCash (SFX). Is there a way I can convert the tokens to cash?

Not in the wallet.

You can mine some with your PC, or buy some from an exchange… Xcalibra

Okay, sounds good.

Would you know a ball park cost (in SFX) if I transferred 348000 tokens?
It seems like I need to buy BTC first before I am able to convert it to SFX on xcalibra.

Appreciate the assistance.

Tx fee depends on mixins and number of outputs of the SFT you intend to send, but it will most likely only be a fraction of a single SFX needed for the tx.

Yes, if want to buy SFX on an exchange, you obviously need the paired coin for the purchase.

The alternative - mining SFX - will take you a bit of time to setup on your PC, but then you can gain an ongoing stream of SFX coming into your wallet by mining whenever you have your PC turned on.