Multiple Wallet Keys

I have just gotten around to setting up the new wallet. I was wondering if it is possible to sweep in other wallets within in an existing wallet. I have 2 paper wallets I mined to but I don’t see a way to import them within an already established wallet. Would each address have to have it’s own file?

At this stage each address is its own wallet file. The current GUI software doesn’t allow you to import multiple addresses into a single wallet “account”.

The underlying wallet component CAN allow for generating multiple addresses (advanced CLI function) in a single wallet file but this has not yet been translated over in the GUI wallet.

This is certainly something to be raised with the developers to see if any custom functionality can be done. However, the Safex Blockchain and underlying CryptoNote technology operates differently to the Bitcoin Blockchain which the old Safe Exchange Coin was built on.


Thank You Richard.

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