My safex coins all gone in bittrex

I’ve got safex coins in bittrex and it’s disable at the moment coz of I have 2 accounts I didn’t know I can’t have 2.

so i required them to solve this problem asap didn’t hear anything from them and when I logged in today, my all safex coins are gone…

does anyone can give me any advice and answer?

I’m so stressed if I’m gonna lose all my safex… ;(

can bittrex do that???

Hi, if you have broken their user agreement wich you accepted on registration, yes, then they can do that and you have lost everything you had on the account they closed.

The users or the developers here on SAFEX forum can’t help you with issues on an exchange. That requires you to send a support ticket to in this case Bittrex and hope for the best.

but when I signed up my second account, they didn’t even notified me with out warning…

and bittrex says they do consolidation accounts…

I just want to know has any one in same situation and give me some advice…

thank you so much for your reply

Check your transfer history, maybe you have been hacked…

If not, open ticket and go on Bittrex slack channel for support with your ticket number.

I’m so sorry to bother you if you have time, could you please teach me how to go on Bittrex slack channel?

I signed up slack but can’t find support team… I could see only general and the other option…

and I just checked now there is no any safex transaction… so i don’t think I’ve got hacked.

sorry my english isn’t that good hard to find information never expected this would happen to me ;(

You should create a ticket here:

They answered me in less than 3 hours when i made a ticket :slight_smile: