Need help for old guy

here’s my situation and i acknowledge up top i deserve any derision i get for my mistakes…but…

i had safex shares on coinspot. i wanted to get them into the safex wallet. i think i set my wallet up correctly and diligently wrote down my secret key and my public key. then i went back to coinspot and promptly sent all my shares to the address of my new public key. ok, big mistake, i get it.

now i have two questions…1) i am embarrassed to say i don’t know how to access my private wallet, so even though coinspot says transfer complete i can’t see it anywhere…and 2) i want those shares in my new safex wallet. not a clue how to do that either.

could someone either help me directly, or aim me towards the solution for this situation. i don’t think the shares are gone at all…just in a place i can’t find.

thanks up fron, and best regards to all. old hodler john

Log out and sign back in to your SafeX wallet. They should be there.

thanks @tylvec. logged out then in, no change. plus i don’t see an email to me saying the transaction was completed. would sending the tokens to my public key as opposed to the keys generated by this site cause this problem? thanks again.

I transferred from coinspot to SafeX wallet last week and it took roughly 8 hours.
I sent to my public SafeX keys. Make sure you typed correct keys in. I’m a newby as well.
Good luck.

On the public key that you send your coins, in your desktop safex wallet, Click “TO ARCHIVE” than click “TO HOME”. They should appear.

i’m missing a step somehow. i can’t seem to find my public key in the wallet, and when i try to “create Key” by typing in the sequence nothing shows up in the list of keys that matches what i’ve entered.

Did you check if your key is in archive?

Have you checked on the bloclchain

In the wallet, there is a option somewhere to import a private key. If you have written down your private key, type this in once you have selected this option on the wallet application. You will then be able to see your public key on the main page of the wallet and any balance etc. If you had not been sensible and written down your private key, you would be screwed.

@Dogboy and all others. very very much thanks for the help. finally figured it out with your great guidance. seems there is a little bit of difference in terminology here and there, so i wasn’t able to make it all work until just now. but i’m a happy camper because my shares are showing up clearly and accurately in my safex wallet. thanks again and very best regards to you all. john


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