Need Help with migration

Please see images below. I went through the instructions and now all my safex are gone. No SFT or SFX showing. I have the Sails .0.7 wallet. Please help? thanks p.s. screenshots below

Give the Migration Table 4 hours to update with the burn. It looks fine… new address already in the table means you set both halves correctly

Thanks as you predicted they appeared finally. I had a follow up question. I have downloaded the Orbiter wallet and exported my keys to it. when i sign in on orbiter my SFX and SFT don’t apear there. What am I doing wrong?

You are just a little impatient :sweat_smile:

You’ve done the burn… now you wait for Dan to run his Migration Script against your burn. Next scheduled running of the script is 23rd.

haha okay thank you :):smile:

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Hey, I just did my migration today but nothing appeared in the migrations table. Safex and BTC are all done pending and gone but there isn’t even an address visible under the migrations table like there is in the picture from OP. I had enough BTC for the 3 different transactions. Is this normal?

Nevermind I’m just impatient, table is slowly populating I’m sure it’s fine.

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I migrated, after waiting 15 min safex disappeared and bitcoins also disappeared. I don’t know why this happened?

If you set both halves correctly, it can take up to 4 hours for the Migration Table to populate.