Need help?

Please let me know what this statement means!!

Your withdrawal transaction in Safe Exchange Coin ID#: 931450 amount: 7409.00000000 SAFEX txid: 8584bfd33d70948309d50097fb5bf149f6982ea18ca6ff1fdd651a8eccf6ceaf shows COMPLETED, please kindly check HISTORY page or in block chain for the confirmation of the transaction.

my safex are not found in balance its aprox two weeks!

Try archiving and unarchiving

hi i am in the same boat.2days ago i sent my safe from cryptoia.i have tried archive and refreshing but still no coins.i am at loss please helps i do understand whats going on regards neil

hi do not try and help i went to cryptoia recorded all transition id clicked on everything.
returned to wallet archived again and the coins were there very relieved now.

this statement is from support of trade satoshi exchange wat this means my coins are missing there!