New and very lost

I purchased Bitcoin on 11/6/17. I then used the Safex website to purchase Safecoin using the Secret Key / Public Key self generated process on 11/16/17. I click to “proceed to pay” and about 25 minutes later shows transaction completed!!! Great except…I have nothing in my Safex wallet. Obliviously I am new and this is my first time purchasing cryptocurrency. So I am unsure what step or steps I missed. I have my transaction numbers and my secret wallet password. Can anyone help?

When you install the wallet application it will generate a wallet for you.

This “wallet” is that “secret key” that you do not want to give out to anyone. In layman’s terms it’s a stream of random letters and numbers kind of like a really, really long password.

I’m not sure of the “generated process” you used, but you may have purchased the coins into a different wallet than the one generated by the application when you downloaded it.

Find the wallet file (probably a .dat file, your aforementioned “Secret Key”) that you used to buy the Safex to (maybe you pointed it at said “Public Key”) and import that .dat file using the wallet application.

At that time did you record the “secret key” on a paper?

If so you should open the wallet, and import the “secret key” you copied down during the purchase process to access your safex coins.

I have read several posts on “newbie” issues…so let me try to walk this through for my problem…I purchased bitcoin to purchase safecoin. I completed the Secret Key / Public Key agreement. I printed off the information. I checked the box and checked the proceed to pay box. A few days later, I show a completed transaction. I have taken a screen shot of the info. It shows 2 output (BTC to) numbers / amounts. I have tried to enter these numbers into Omniexplorer. Both show “never been seen” I have attempted to import my Secret Key into my wallet…this shows nothing. Is there something I am missing? Bitcoin shows sent…is there an issue with the Safecoin generated “proceed to pay” link??? Any help would be appreciated.