New Network Proposal Passes

Dear Safe Exchange Community,

We have made a proposal to take the task to construct our own Anonymous Decentralized Contract Marketplace using our own implementation of Blockchain Technology. This is a great day because we are able to continue with the plan to create a secure place for people to conduct trade. A place that will survive interference and provide stability for people’s well being because they need not fear being obstructed by attackers who are maliciously seeking out targets. This is accomplished because of anonymity. The people who use the service have the choice to disclose their private or business information how they see appropriate.

The proposal has received 33.2% votes in favor of producing our own network software. This is exciting for me and it should be also for everyone else who sees what we are able to offer to the world. Considering that 25% of the SEC are on an exchange means that 44% of possible votes are in favor of total.

There are some aspects that are being prepared and for us to look forward to. These include:

  • An updated webpage explaining the new status of Safe Exchange, currently at
  • 		An unveiling of the New Network software and unveiling of its name and description.
  • 		The introduction of the New Network will be accompanied by a roadmap.

I appreciate all of your support thus far, our goals for a decentralized and secure trading marketplace have not changed, and we’re ever closer to achieving the goals now that the production of the service is in our hands.



congrats, looks like a right thing to do. watching closely, GL to you Daniel


I look forward to seeing SAFEX become a reality!


we did the right thing voted in ur support Dally! gotta see the progress whats next! ? nd nice job getting the voting thing its a great thing nd im happy being apart


How many people voted ?


@sprks the vote responses are going uploaded here:


ME TOO。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。


Any news? What’s going on?

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Preparing new content and landing page; working on new code base for our new network.