New Safex.Ninja mining pools

Hi @galicone, the payouts are averaging out like you said it would on the ninja pool. It happened faster than I expected too, I got some pretty nice chunks. Thanks again.


Hello all,

1 of my 2 rigs have stopped working on Ninja pool (AU). I have no idea why. It’s been offline nearly 24 hours.

I’ve changed CAT cable, reset it numerous times, the rig IP address appears on angry IP and I can log into the rig (everything is correct) but it just won’t mine at all…

Any suggestions?

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Having never used SFXOS, I can’t really offer any personal knowledge. For me, this is why I use a straight Ubuntu install and then ssh into the rig to manually start xmrig. I just prefer the extra level of control and visibility that it affords me.

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Hey! i sometimes have had the problem that sfxox stopped mining after the internet connection was temporarily lost. Then i had to start xmrig manually via SSH. After a while it even never started automatically after switching the machine off and on again. So if can give a detailed explanation on how to do that. Do you already know how to use SSH?

Otherwise what sometimes helped for me, was reflashing the USB drive and have a fresh install, (and dont forget to update the miner config again otherwise it will contain the default address to mine to)


Hi @Lomax & @aussiesloth. Thanks for the tips.

I don’t know how to use SSH, so I’ll buy some more USB’s and flash SFXOS to a new USB. Hopefully that’ll work. I’ll let you know how i go once i receive them and swap over.

edit: New USB flashed worked :+1:


Hello all, I have a some questions, one is about using a proxy, I read the info on the safex blog three times and it is out of the range of my capabilities for now.

  1. At what number of miners do I need to worry about a proxy? I have five running currently on safex 🥷 and eight is going to be my limit do to safety issues. I’m just concerned because I have no idea! 🤷

  2. I also have cpu miners of different power currently running, main rigs are ryzen 9 3900x, then one ryzen 7 3700x built with spare & donated parts soon to be two, is this going to be a problem?
    (I read the post that @aussiesloth put up about his different miners so I’m concerned).

  3. Lastly, do I use “3311” port on safex ninja pool for the ryzen 7 3700x rigs? I don’t know what is considered medium powered.


Hi @shazbot

As to your 3 questions…

  1. I’m not aware there’s any hard and fast ‘set number’ of miners at which you would need to transition to using a proxy. If you add miners and continue to encounter no banning by the pool, then you can just leave all your rigs individually pointed at the pool. But if you start to get regularly banned by the pool (your pool stats would show 0 hashrate), then it would be time to look at introducing a proxy to your setup.

  2. I currently have a laptop (3kh/s), 3 x 3900x rigs (13kh/s) and a 5950x video editing system (16kh/s). As I leave the 3900x rigs mining 24/7, I pointed them all at my proxy, so their combined hashrate is seen as a single entity by the pool. When the laptop and v-e system are mining, I leave them pointed directly at the pool. I haven’t had any issue with this arrangement.

  3. Don’t worry too much about which port you use, as the pool will quickly adjust the miner’s difficulty if you don’t set a static difficulty in the config. I just went to check the 3700x hashing power on monero benchmarks website, but it appears to be not working properly right now. I would probably guess the starting difficulty of port 4411 is closest to the working difficulty of the 3700x.

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I didn’t know 4411 was an option, Lomax put in an above post 3311 and 5511 as options, not to his fault, I am such a beginner that I take everything I read as my only options quite literally. I’m just that green, I’m sure I frustrate the hell out of people.

With that being said, I’ll get into the setup and punch in 4411 and see what happens.

Thank you @aussiesloth, for all this valuable information and your time of course. Good stuff!

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If in doubt, always check the info on the mining pool…

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Very cool! I navigated through the site before but I literally don’t even know what I’m looking at. Aside from what you just made aware to me, I haven’t a clue what any of it means.

But I’m not worried about it anymore, I made it to the show, I’m mining and that’s all I care about for now. It will slowly make sense to me, just like learning a foreign language I must interact with the natives, so to speak. I also reached out locally for help setting up my rigs properly and it looks like I’m going to get some from friends of friends in the industry.

Thanks again for the bonus information, I’ll keep doing my part.

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This is why Safex Mining Pools Explained was published, which explains all aspects of Safex Mining pools, to help novices such as yourself :smiley:

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I did read that recently (apologies, off on my time reference), if I read it again before I asked the questions it would have given me answers. I just read it again now and it makes more sense than it did before.

There is a lot to know and try to remember in this endeavor with limited spare brain capacity. I have to perform my job every day while I try not to get myself electrocuted or fall to my death. This gives me a greater sense of gratitude for the lessons found here.

Dan said he needed miners so I mine to support the safex blockchain, it took me over a year to figure it out, now I got 4 running steady, one on the blink. I couldn’t have done it without all you seasoned veterans guiding me.


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I finally figured out my IP address for the router to get the larger payouts on the mining pool. After logging into account, it was under the advanced settings tab from the internet provider. I also attached the miners to the home network while I was in there.

I’m dialed in now, larger payouts :heavy_check_mark:

Thanks @aussiesloth for the all the information, patience and leadership, It’s Priceless. Figuring all this out is overwhelming at times, everything gets blurred, then I feel foolish for not seeing the obvious.


Is the USA safex ninja pool better than pool?

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Imo it isn’t about one pool being better that another. Ideally, all pools function the same way, and we should be mindful of not having a majority of hashrate going to a single pool - there shouldn’t be a dominant pool in an idealistic PoW system.

BUT, I do think there is merit to the idea that using your nearest (lowest latency) pool allows those faster ping times to give a vey slight improvement in sending winning shares to the pool, and thus, winning a small fraction of a percentage more blocks than had you been connected to a pool further away with higher latency.


I’m above 10,000 all total on the one click miners. Would I need to switch to 4411? Is that an available setting on the 1 click miner or just in the pool settings on the web?

No need to change ports, and it’s not an option on the 1-click… Just let them mine :slight_smile:


Is something going on with the Safex Ninja pools? One of my systems wasn’t getting any Hash, and the website isn’t loading properly on my end.


Upgrading the USA mining pool to be able to handle the load better, downtime ~50 minutes. Keep mining! :slight_smile:


The miner interface show N/A still. Is it going in and out?