New Safex.Ninja mining pools

I have no information showing at all, just a rotating circle on the page.

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yes i know, sorry, still working some things out. please keep the miners pointed to the pools, they will pick up new work once things are solved. .org pool seems to have the same issue.


No problem, 2 dropped off, but the other 2 were running last time I had feedback. Thanks


It’s all good now, thanks

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There is HUGE uptake of mining across the board, and it is the best news I could have ever dreamed of.

The pools will need resources upgrades we did not anticipate would be necessary besides some strange mining activity along side the uptake.

Things should start to normalize very soon in the next days/week as we sort the issues we identified. We are also overhauling dramatically the since we expect this growth to continue.

Huge thanks to @lomax for spreading the load, and providing insights. :pray:


All my miners came back up except one. The one miner that isn’t up is recognized by angry ip scanner and has the correct wallet inputted into the sfxrig set up for the blockchain. But it isn’t mining to the wallet.
Any ideas on how to trouble shoot? Thanx!!!

Reboot and see if it work. If that fails, I would reinstall from scratch.

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