New to the platform but not the coin! Biggest success for SafeX! Let's enjoy

Hello everyone and happy hump day,

I have been a couple holder since July. I have not spent much time on the platform until recently and I must admit, the platform, the updates, and the popularity of this project have coke a long way! Thanks to Dan and the team who are very attentive and patient for all their hard work. Keep it up!

I would like some assistance with my wallet setup. I just signed up to this and have not moved my coins to my SafeX wallet. If someone could be kind enough and provide me with a link for that and where I could find updated, and some tutorial videos similar to the ones I saw that were recently posted, that would be very helpful. I would like to know more about the whole dvidients, SafeX to chille coins, keeping my coins in my SafeX wallet, … And anything else you believe is worth being made aware of… Etc.

Thank you in advance for your help.

See you at the top! :rocket:


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Welcome @Swimminabe9

I’ve made this tutorial regarding the Safex Wallet:

If you need any more help then drop another message :+1:


Thank you for the video. I have a quick question. Do you have any details or video (learning material) in regards to

  • why a person should hold their coins in safex wallet as opposed to the exchange? My coins have been under wallet maintenance for almost a whole day now!!!
  • have any dividends been paid out?
  • how are the dividends are being paid put? What ratio and how frequently? Every semiannually-annually/annually?
  • when will the coins be converted or compensated with tokens?
  • what ratio will they be converted at?
  • other information / links for the periodic updates and links for the group chat … Etc

For some reason my coins in bittrex are under maintenance. I don’t know what that means. Once that clears, I’ll set up my wallet and move the coins. Either way, i would love to learn more about the progress. Thank you in advance for your time and responding.



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All will be explained in the white paper. By the time bittrex releases your coins, the white paper should be out. Dividends Q2-2018.

Are the white paper release and coin release related events? What is the eta of that happening?

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