Newbie Safex wallet question

Hi Support

We are new to safex
we have Bitcoin Funds in our safex wallet
How do we convert Bitcoin Funds in our safex wallet to safex coins in our safex wallet

Thank you

Safex is on the bitcoin blockhain. In time it will move to the coming Safex blockchain in the future. At this point in time it will require some bitcoin (a bitcoin transaction) to transfer safex between adresses, that’s why the bitcoin is there. you cant convert them (swap) with te current wallet. if you have a sufficient bitcoin in you wallet and you want to buy safex with it, you to send you btc to an exchange and buy safex with it.

i believe safex is now listed TradeSotoshi.
I haven’t lookt into it yet tough.

Thank you for your reply.

We already have bitcoin in our safex wallet

Cant we just exchange bitcoin in our safex wallet to safex coin in safex the wallet

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No, not that i know.

The mentioned exchange is not officially endorsed and is at own risks. There are other threads about this


do you now how to cancel a pending bitcoin sending request out of safex wallet

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