No Migrated Coins

I migrated coins from 1HTFycjPziRPkAkojy3PAg4CiXfCgLvNet, however upon successfully completing all the migration procedures, i cannot see my safex tokens or safex. There is nothing as migrated tokens too. Will it be visible after June 10. I cannot see my new Safex address too. Safex5zYhwJ3e92wHzCQ6D17XtG1ceQYTK7PYP2sPqpC2qGEHBieMF438UYKpe3EweLLQqGX98eYq4aZ5Mso4vZM4ZcLGsiQjc63u

Yes you’ve done everything correct for the burn.

You will have been given some private keys for your new Safex address (also a .txt file will have been saved).

You can import those keys into the new standalone wallet:

Or you can wait until the next v8 wallet is out and it’ll have the built in full wallet functionality.

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