When is the deadline to move safex tokens from omniwallet to the safex client. I thought there was no deadline but in an article linked to on twitter I found this
“Now that the Safex mainnet has been released we are able to transfer our Safex tokens from the Omni blockchain to the new Safex one. The understanding is that there will be a limited time (approximately one year) in which tokens must be migrated to the new blockchain. Any tokens that remain on the Omni blockchain after this time will be unredeemable (i.e. they will effectively be lost).”
If this is true then it would be the right thing to do to get that news out there.

We have a 12 month window to get our Safex migrated over to the new blockchain.


How exactly is this done? Do I need to download a new wallet? I still have the wallet that I downloaded 10 months ago.

An announcement will be made once the new version of the wallet has been released. Within the wallet, there will be full instructions on how to migrate over to the new blockchain.


Thanks much for that reply! It is much appreciated!!!

I personally recommend you to start reading articles published on safexnews.
Articles like this are pretty much explanatory and include key points (of incoming migration, in this case).
I hope these articles will be useful to you.

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So I started the migration and everything was going well, then after several smaller migrations I did a large one and now the client shows my balance as zero. Any Idea what might have happened?

Optictopic - Did you ever get this resolved? I would like to know before I migrate if there will be any issues.