Orbiter Wallet v2.0.0 was working 2 weeks ago, now "invalid password" - to do with new wallet coming?

Hi, I searched here before writing this new topic, sorry if answered somewhere.

I created a new Orbiter Wallet v2.0.0 mid of January, backed up seed and keys.

Machine was online since then; and remember logged in 2 weeks ago then it was still possible to log in.

Last week I read that people had sync problems due to the new TWM wallet coming up, and we should all wait and be patient.
So I didnt log in or did anything. But machine was online (…so I guess in the background some synchronizing took place? not sure if thats the case)

Now today, with machine OffLine (on purpose) I started the wallet, but it doesnt accept my (correct) Password - it states “invalid password”

Tried again, checking/going to the correct Wallet Path, tried both files there:
a) with .keys extension
b) without the extension
Same, “invalid password” !

What is that about? This is an error someone encountered?
I it connected to the new wallet coming?

Firstly, there’s some info on the Support FAQ @ Support FAQ - Please Read THIS before Posting a Question - #3

While you can still use Orbiter to create new addresses and backup seed/keys, etc. if you created a wallet in January, it never would’ve shown you an actual balance (except empty).

It isn’t possible for the new pending wallet to interfere with Orbiter working. Wallets are only blockchain interfaces.

Perhaps your wallet file got corrupted, which caused it to not recognise the password. Easiest fix is to simply restore it from seed/keys.

Btw… if on Windows, did you whitelist it with your antivirus software/s and set it to Run in Administrator mode?