Paper wallet or desktop wallet

Is it better to use a paper wallet using the link available on the main page:

Or to use the desktop wallet that can be downloaded there. Is there an advantage to either one?

Will I be able to get the chille (don’t know the new name) coins if I don’t use the desktop wallet?

Will I be able to convert my coins to the new Safex blockchain using the paper wallet? How?


Even with those keys there, you need to import that to the safex wallet in order to store safex.

When the marketplace comes live, your safex will need to be stored in the wallet to receive the dividends.

But that’s not until early 2018.


Thanks for your response. Maybe there should be a warning on the that if we use this, no chile coins or dividends.

I will use the desktop wallet.

@dandabek did mention we’ll need to use wallet to receive dividends, so I’m assuming we’ll need to import the key to the wallet. We’ll get more info before the market goes live. The key from can be imported into the SAFEX wallet like so:

Think of the SAFEX wallet as a container for multiple generated key pairs from If you cold storage the wallet key, then you don’t need to store the individual address keys.

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Knowing how precise the safex team is, there will very likely be a very clear instruction on the website and forum. It will probably be under the menu header ‘Click here 4 Lambo’ :wink:

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