Partnership with decentralized storage projects

E-commerce & decentralized storage would be a match made in heaven. This would promote usage of both the marketplace & the decentralized storage, benefitting both parties.


What would be some examples of decentralized storage, if you don’t mind explaining, I’m still learning possible applications. Thanks. @cryptomanic


I agree 100% that we should link up with decentralized storage for pictures and other data users might want to include.

Since there are a few out there: storj, siacoin, now filecoin hopefully eventually maidsafe: we should consider it for a future iteration perhaps in 2021 where we include these wallets and management of files.

In the meantime and for always you’ll be able to store and host pictures on the API layer of your choosing.


Dan gives a good list of decentralized storage coins you can check out. They are basically a network of users who rent out their hard drive to store files. The files are duplicated across nodes to ensure accessibility.


There is a good read here on IPFS from 2018:

At the end of the article it mentions Filecoin, it is an instance of IPFS with it’s coin economics integrated into it.

We could also host a community IPFS but would have to take place next year and have more personnel on board. If the demand for the a distributed storage network arose we could also integrate this into the SFX and enable data storage purchasing with SFX as well.


Thanks for the reply the information helped, I just read the article Dan posted and it went over those topics, I was unaware of the possibilities, thanks guys.

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