Pending crypto in firstmoverdash

Hi. I have some problem because 99% of my commissions are still in pending (since 1 year). Can someone help me to confirm them because I want to send them to my wallet.

The great thing is that all payouts have been processed (since 1 year)

If you could upload a screenshot of what you’re seeing could help us verify.

Thank you for your participation :slight_smile:

Having checked all internal systems it appears if you’re using the ID: safex_exchange

You’ve only made a single successful sale. the rest are people’s transactions that have never been paid for.

So why there are transactions like pending?

because maybe one day that person might pay (of course probably not)

But I placed few orders for Safex with my affiliate link (to check are this transactions show there as a pending as well) but there is no transaction (even with pending status)

It is likely that you purchased thinking you were using your own affiliate link when actually the cookies were set to someone else’s.

You would need to have cleared cookies before clicking your own affiliate link and making use of it.