Possible migration issue?

So, i migrated 5 coins as a test. It worked, and took 6 days to complete and actually show up in my mainnet cli wallet. Next test was for 8000 coins, and it also worked, and took 8 days to reach my mainnet wallet.

Aftet both of these tests were successfull, i decided to migrate 100k coins. Well, the migration table says it worked, and that i have migrated 108005, but my mainnet wallet still shows only 8005 tokens. It has been over 2 weeks now (15 days) since the 100k migration. Is there any advice in matters like this? Has the migration scrypt not been run in a couple weeks? Whats going on?


there is a manual script which is crediting coins; this has yet to be run this week.

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Cool. Thanks for the quick reply!