Problem with wallet, coins received but balance 0$

Hello, I installed safex wallet and send some coins from bittrex to wallet but the problem is that my coins were sent without any problem and shows exact amount which I sent but balance of my safex is $0.Any ideas what’s wrong? Please see attached

Try clicking the refresh icon (to the right of setting icon)

I did it and nothing changed :confused:

Mine says the same. I just put it down to the top right corner being the current price for safex and Bitcoin, but not having enough decimal places. And the the figure to the right of your Bitcoin and safex holdings is a formula that uses the top right figure which has safex at 0 multiplied by your holdings to give the usd value. Maybe completely wrong, in which case my wallet has the same issue lol

The API the wallet uses dropped safex off the list IIRC. Once safex gets back into the top 100 or so it will work again (or perhaps next version of the wallet will hit a different API).

how are you i have same problem with picture above i used 300 for first test sending and it hasnt showed up in my top right corner. is each of the bars that confirmed the safex hast tranfeerd to you wallet really your wallet? and each key is for each wallet? how does it work

The top right corner is for the current price of safex, not your holdings, Due to reasons mentioned above, the price sometimes shows and some times does not. As long as your quantity of safex shows, as above where it says ‘33140’ you have nothing to worry about. You can have multiple keys within one wallet.