Purchased SAFEX at 0.112BTC from site, recieved 10,000

I recieved 10,000 SAFEX for 0.112BTC after 36 hours. Support tickets submitted, no response.

Quite concerned that the conversion rate is close to $0.20 per coin? Although i’m not sure as to how that can be the case as in the purchase agreement it states:

  1. Purchasing Safe Exchange Coin
    The Safe Exchange Developers offer this website as an easy to use interface for people to purchase
    and manage their Safe Exchange Coin holdings. The website charges a slight mark-up to the price
    of various exchanges that are actively trading Safe Exchange Coin; however, the proceeds support
    the Safe Exchange Developers and the Safe Exchange infrastructure, alongside providing an easier
    way to obtain the Safe Exchange Coins.

At time of purchase SAFEX was <$0.05

Has anyone else experienced anything similar recently?

Less than 6 cents a piece? Let me know where you can find some for that price, I could use some more myself.

Well 30 hours ago the going rate was well below 6 cents.

If you paid .20 a coin your on glue lol

Would feel a bit shitty to have paid .20 a coin having tried to support Safex by buying directly. I’m sure it will be up past .20 in no time however.

Received the coins, sadly 10,000 for 0.112BTC, so an exchange of about $0.20. Would love a response from anyone regarding this?

Be happy, I bought the 15th december, only a small amount to ad to my wallet, and have not received anything yet.
It was right before the cryptopia announce when the rate was even lower then 5 cents.
No response to my email also.

i’ll wait patiently

I mean… that’s the price you agreed to pay…