Purchasing issue

I recently purchased shares of Safe Exchange currency via bittrex.com but for some reason my shares have not been displayed and is not reflected. It appears the money I spent has disappeared. How may I retrieve my money or get my shares?

Go to the orders tab scroll down click “Load All”. Does your purchase history show up?

It isn’t showing up what so ever. I believe I sent my bitcoins to the Safex portion, when I meant to add it to my bitcoin so that I can buy the Safex shares, but there is no trace on bittrex of the transaction, only on coinbase.com (where I bought the bitcoin originally, then transferred it to the safex address)

I don’t understand. You transfer BTC from coinbase to safex purchase page ?
go to https://blockchain.info/ and search by your public key (wallet adress)
example https://blockchain.info/address/1NdLX3Xwgjz1pzW39j9vxt5jA7hr8HLKVS
you should see message like in first transaction “Unable to decode output address” and number of confirmations

Sorry to hear.
If you transferred your funds (btc) to your safex adress in cryptopia or bittrex, i believe your btc are lost.

I definitely see the “unable to decode output address”. Does that mean there’s no way to get my money back or get those shares?

That means that you send BTC to that address but blockchain can’t see tokens. try put it on http://omnichest.info/lookupadd.aspx?address=1LRnwcS2TRtqJtbAZyuxJCQz8dHk5Ng6vK . if you don’t see tokens than contact support