Purchasing Safex through Crypto Exchangers will still get Dividend?

Just a quick question. If Safex was purchased through a Crypto Exchange such as Coinmarket.com and placed in the coinmarket.com wallet will Dividends still be paid and how will they be paid to the holder?

Further, how will safex holders be issued safex coins once released if holding in an exchange wallet.

I think u need to have all safex in safex wallet

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First time user here, I’ve created an offline SAFEX wallet and stored around 100,000 coins.

Regarding dividends, how are these paid? with the calculator I’ve seen $ amounts, these will be converted to coins right?

Are they paid in safex coins or chillie coins?

i am fairly new to this, been mainly working straight off exchanges etc. thanks in advance.

From what i believe you have to store them in the safex wallet

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Thanks, I have followed instructions posted by dandabek in this thread - How do I store offline safex coins from bittrex?

My question though related to dividends though, is anyone able to help?

This is how. They may not be called chillie coins but its the same thing just different name perhaps.

All the safex coins exist now so the dividends cannot be safex coins

You will need to keep your tokens in the official safex wallet once the blockchain hits.

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Ok so if using the official safex wallet dividends will be paid to the same wallet in the form of chille coins.

If I have that wrong please correct me

What’s the real difference between a company sharing profits with coin holders or giving free coins away to use there service or a company having a folk giving coins away?
Bitcoin has paid its holders coins twice, other company’s have done silimar things but name it different

If the safex wallet imports the key, why do I need a wallet? Looks like all it does is put a password protection on it.
If I keep my coins on a private key and store it offline (on paper) without a safex wallet, wouldn’t I still end up getting the dividends?
Would be great if someone could explain.

I’d imagine all public addresses holding Safex would be credited the appropriate dividends as well as the airdrop. This is why it’s important to get it off the exchange as they might not list the coin the dividends will be credited to. The Safex wallet is there because of simplicity. It’s much easier to tell the average Joe to download a program and remember a password for their coins than it is to explain a paper wallet. Of course, take this with a grain of salt as this is how I understand it until someone corrects me.