Question about importing wallet

Hi Dan

Since version 5 of the wallet I’ve had to re-import the wallet every time I open my Safex Wallet. But I’m sure I remember this was not necessary some time ago, maybe version 4 or an earlier version of 5.

  1. Is this feature going to be fixed in the future so when I load my safex wallet it will automatically load my wallets addresses?

  2. If indeed the wallet is supposed to load your wallet addresses straight away (and I’m not remembering it wrong), does it load automatically from a backup file or does it store the information within the application itself. Note: Don’t worry I have plenty of backups, just trying to understand how it works.

  3. If I add another address to my wallet, do I need to backup again straight away and should I save the backup as a separate file from the original? I imagine since it’s not importing address automatically, I will have to do another backup as soon as I add a new address. Surely this could cause some newbs some issues, if they think they already have their wallet backed up but after adding a new address this is not backed up and could be lost after closing? But if prompted to backup on every new address, this is not as bad but it would be nice if it was stored automatically within the application.


Are you able to “login” or it’s asking you to “create wallet” ?

To your point #3 yes you need to re-export the wallet; otherwise the new address will not be saved.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes. I’m able to log in. Every time I load up Safex it says Create New Wallet or Import Wallet. I choose import, then I drag on the backup and type in my password. This works, but I shouldn’t need to this every time? I’m sure it used to work before where I just entered a password and didn’t need to import. But I could be wrong.

edit: Just added a new address (with the create key) button and then closed safex as a test, I re-imported the backup and the new address is still there. :\ This is a good thing I guess otherwise someone could easily add a new address and close by mistake. But I’ll definitely add another backup in case. You can never have to many.