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Just wondering if @dandabek or anyone from Safex will be attending the Bitcoin Miami Conference tomorrow? I understand that Dan is now living in Miami. Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami will be a keynote speaker, as will Jack Dorsey and the Winkelvoss twins. This would be very good exposure for TWM and the Safex project.

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Just a point to note about this Conference… it is purely Bitcoin. No altcoin projects have an opportunity to speak at it.


I fully expect Dan to rent a blimp with the Safex logo on the side, fly it over the conference, and do literal “air drops” of business cards that have private keys to SFX addresses that have random amounts of SFX in them.

Of course, this will also coincide with a massive influx of product listings and other big news.

Although I guess I could be wrong :smiley:


I would hope Dan will mingle with the crowd and get some attention
‘’'Dan Dabek Wolf face

in conclusion, the #Bitcoin conference brought people from all over the world to #miami, and I’m so glad to have connected with so many movers and shakers in the crypto space; btc opened the door, it’s up to us to step through

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when you can buy sft for 7sats you don’t need any exposure , just keep buying. First we clean the xcalibra wall from those weak hands and then we start talking about giving Safex some attention.Secondly an early attention without finished wallet, merchants and exchanges will bring more negativity and pressure to the team rather than gains. GO SAFEX when the time is right.


:rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy:Its 50/50 at this stage

Why, should he. i don’t see any other project give weekly up dates, updates yes but not on a specific day/ month, just stay tuned and relax, 99% of safex holders are not involved in every day/week/ month, commutation, they are just waiting for the real life TWM


I appreciate it’s a long haul but there are times I get ever so slightly exasperated. This is one of them. Not being really tech savvy I tune in into telegram announcements to see what. Is happening. At the moment I’m wondering how pre release is going and how long it will be till Dan allows full release. I understand how updates there are trivial to some but actually mean something to others.

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In general, people that say they are invested in Safex, including me, are indeed invested in Safex, but Dan received no money from us unless you were part of the initial crowd sale that got him started, comments aren’t contributions. We simply bought tokens second hand to benefit ourselves monetarily, Dan owes us nothing, especially a update about his own business that is currently in development.


Don’t know about anyone’s, but I defiantly donated when when asked, some time back there was donations for some exchange or something PD was involved and video to promote same and if required I would donate again.
PS we got a little badge on discord for same , Ha ha


just met @MrJ IRL at the Bitcoin Conf !! :rocket: :rocket:

It’s a huge confirmation for me. Great things incoming.


The feeling is mutual brother :fist_right::fist_left:


@jcasale, the market place exists, I have been watching for years also, yes there were timelines not met, all the more reason not to publish timed goals. Seems like you’re upset because you sold your bitcoin and bought tokens, again who’s fault but your own? I’m in the same boat, so is everyone, again, not Dans fault.
I can’t wait for the day when everyone (with troubles) gets to eat their words and start saying how forward thinking Safex is again.
Also, @jcasale don’t tell me about the real world, I am already made dog, I succeeded already, Only because I got back up every time I got nocked down, not because someone else missed or made a deadline. There are no guarantees in business or life.
With all do respect.

@TomDillon I know many have contributed in many ways, including all the people mining and helping ing trouble shooting, testing, running nodes, and everything else I haven’t mentioned. I was just generalizing earlier, thanks to all contributors.

It is a roller coaster ride though,
Hang in there! The Market Place exists!


I apologize for being narrow minded @jcasale, I did read your column, I wasn’t trying to attack you either.

I worked in Silicon Valley on and off between 2006 and 2020, that’s where I heard of Safex, lm sure Dan was there within that timeline, I didn’t discover Safex on the internet, I heard of it though word of mouth. I didn’t pay close attention until Dan opened his own blockchain, then I went all in.

I might just have a little more faith than most, I worked for many of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, I know what it takes to compete in that industry, it moves fast.
Add up the blockchain, Xcalibra, TWM, and Wallet you get progress. Dan has fully put his face out there, It’s safe to say he has a lot of pressure on him to succeed! Not to mention all his legal battles, give the guy a break is all I’m saying.


No apology necessary @shazbot. Sometimes it’s hard for me to put my thoughts clearly into words.

Yes, Dan does have a lot of pressure on him. My introduction into cryptocurrency began years ago when all I knew and heard about was Bitcoin. But then upon further research, I felt that I should be investing in something that had a worthy cause and that I might actually use. That’s when I first learned of Safe Exchange Coin. So I sold my Bitcoin and other crypto and put it all into the Safex project.

Combining these notions with the opportunity to share in the revenue was appealing. As an investment, sharing in the revenue would also enable me to continue to purchase everyday items that I needed, and would also enable others to share in the revenue generated from my purchases. That’s a win-win.

Thanks for this dialogue. I appreciate your sincerity and candor!

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I feel the same way as you about the project, as far as the reasons you listed above @jcasale,I absolutely believe we will look back and say, “damn what a ride, it was worth it”. If not, F me big time hahaha! I traded off all my bitcoin too!
We are in the trenches for the long haul.

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I honestly don’t believe bitcoin will be mainstream long term anyway. The first version of an innovation has always been replaced by a better version of the product. Safex has multifunction.


a founder that cant answer hard questions without getting offended is ngmi


agree, where is satoshi at answering questions on bitcoin, seriously :rofl:


He answered all the hard questions in his time.

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