Recieving SAFEX coin


I made payment from my personal Bitcoin wallet - Electrum (option1) as instructed. I recieved confirmation and funds have been paid. But what do I need to do now?

The Electrum wallet on shows a very very small deposit transaction 30 min later?

Please advise the next step…

@doc you should paste your public key in the top right of to see your safex balance

Thanks, but excuse my ignorance but what is"" is a block explorer that safex is on

Hi, I too received a small amount in my wallet and I checked it on and it was there so thank you for being able to help me too… is it possible to move that from my wallet to safex offline wallet?

Newbie question - do I understand correctly that the SAFEX is using the same kind of public and private keys as Bitcoin? i.e. if I were to generate a public & private keypair for Bitcoin at bitaddress, but instead of using it to store BTC, I can use it to store SAFEX coins ?


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you’re correct

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Thanks Daniel!

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Please correct me if my understanding is wrong, but when I create a public-key and private-key pair, and I send funds to my public-key - that amount “stored” (written) on the blockchain, and if I want to withdraw that amount (or part of that amount) to myself or to another person, I need to use my private-key to ‘authorize’ that transaction. Is this correct?

If yes, then I can see/understand how it is applied if I have a desktop/mobile wallet - but on a paper-wallet, how does one perform those transaction?

Also, I think I’ve read elsewhere in this forum, that SAFEX is using the Bitcoin blockchain? I don’t understand this - why is SAFEX using Bitcoin blockchain? Shouldn’t it be the Chilli blockchain?


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You would “import” your private key into the desktop wallet from your paper to do the “authorization” to send your funds.

We launched SAFEX as an intermediate token while we develop the Chille Blockchain. It’s completed form will migrate the SAFEX coins into the Chille Blockchain.

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