Safex FAQ: Seeking out your questions

Greetings everyone,

We want to take the time to create a FAQ and provide the answers for our WIki and Website.

The way this works: Just post your questions and they will be answered in the upcoming FAQ and Wiki releases.

If you can, please take the time and drop your question here. We will do our best to answer and clarify each and every single question posted into this thread.

Safex Developers


What is the difference between Safex Coins and Chilli coins?


I would love a comparison of SAFEX and other contenders. Why is SAFEX better. How does it compare with scaling, speed, ease of use, etc…

How much of a % rest solely on your shoulders? Why do you so so much yourself? Is this the explanation for time between commits?

Is Safex on the Bitcoin blockchain or Safe Network? I am still learning and get a little confused.



I wanted to ask how many SAFEX coins you need to hold i order to earn a percentage?



A basic question. Let’s say i have 10 Safex coins in a bitcoin address at omniwallet, with 0.1 BTC.

I wish to move my safex coins to a paper wallet, generated in

a. Can i move only 5 Safex coins to my paper wallet bitcoin address? Do i need to move a proportional ammout to do so?

b. Can i move just my Safex coins to my paper wallet bitcoin address, keeping all 0.1 BTC in my omniwallet?


1-why the majority of the cryptocurrencies developers (let’s be precise Safex) do not assign a good marketing team, knowing that a marketing team can increase attention of new investors and even experienced investors towards Safex coin?

2- To which extent would Safex coin affect the cryptocurrency’s future ? (we hope a detailed answer to be provided with a detailed vision)

3- To which extent does Safex coin team believe that Safexcoin would dominate or be a leader in the cryptocurrency market ?

Lastly, all the best to the investors and to Safex coin teams , Keep up the great work with more emphasis on the marketing strategy


Disclaimer: I’m a newbie who have just started reading about crypto, and in particular, the various posts and articles about SAFEX - so, take what I share with a pinch of salt :slight_smile:

From what I understand, the Company/Organization issued a limited amount SAFEX coins sometime last year to raise funds to develop a decentralized marketplace (somewhat like ebay, but using crypto and fully anonymous). That decentralized marketplace will run on top of the Chille Blockchain which will be using Chille coins.

Holders of the SAFEX coins will get a percentage of the network/transaction fees when they happen on the Chille blockchain - visit - there is a short intro video which provides a good explanation.


Hi Daniel,

Pardon me if this is a silly question, but I thought blockchains are ‘immutable’ ? Once written on it, the data won’t change? So how would the migration happen when he Chille blockchain is up and running?


  1. is this going to be the next ebay for cryptos?
  2. what is the fee structure like for buyers and sellers? , so buyers pay 10%? what about sellers?

Wow, this recent pump and dump came almost in the right moment of debating/voting about Safex features.

Great timing!


We used a specific app to vote for going solo on our own Chille blockchain and to change the name of SEC to SAFEX.

To prove our ownership of Safex tokens, using cold paper wallet address, can we just sign a message, for each voting matter?


This video does a great job of explaining the relationship between SAFEX and Chille.


Hey Daniel,

Any more idea on when some news could be coming out?

Thanks HODL


Can we store our SEC on a cold storage wallet? I don’t feel particularly comfortable leaving it on exchange. I have a ledger nano s. Let me know if it’s possible.


  1. With no central authority/support, how will the marketplace deal with scammers? Will there be some sort of escrow system?

  2. What happens if someone lists an illegal good/service on the marketplace?


What would we do if Govt were not around. If Safex is as deidicated to privacy as they seem to be, the answers to your two questions might very well be insurance in some form & nothing.


New to crypto so probably silly ? But here it goes
Will the safex wallet work like coinbase in the way
That I can set it up with my bank account?


I’m all in with Safe Ex, love the product and the passion that drives the team. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Chille logo and a main stream cola soft drink (lol). Is this going to be a problem going forward, especially once Safe Ex starts receiving main stream media headlines… Something to think about.


Crypto Networks are competing for faster transaction speed and lower costs. Where does the Chille Network stand in this arena?

Will SAFEX developers take advantage of new solutions like SegWit?